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Businessman Davit Khidasheli To Sell 50% Of So-Called Jugs On Rike

Natia Taktakishvili
13.12.22 19:00
In March 2022, GLOBAL VICTORY TRUST, a company related to businessman Davit Khidasheli purchased so-called Jugs On Rike for GEL 10 million.

Today, the businessman's company issued a statement stating that Khidasheli is ready to sell 50% of the object. The investment offer does not specify how many millions of GEL will be the initial cost of the Rike Jugs.

"GLOBAL VICTORY TRUST LLC (registered on 08/07/2016 by the Luxembourg Business Registry, identification code # B207335, legal address: 6757, Luxembourg, Grevenmacher, Moselle Street # 3), which owns the real estate purchased in the form of an electronic auction (conditional): the 14,591.00 sq.m. non-agricultural land plot and building No. 1 located in the territory of Rike (Plot No. 65/061) in Tbilisi City, make an offer for the sale of 50% of the mentioned property, in accordance with the conditions established by the electronic auction No. 256 held on March 24, 2022.

The applicant can send a letter to the company's e-mail: info@gvholding.ge.  The document must describe the applicant's experience and investment opportunities.

The offer is valid within 30 calendar days after its publication," the investment offer states.

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