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Cargo Turnover From China To Georgia Increased - Economy Minister

07.10.21 12:30

Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Natia Turnava participated in the quadripartite meeting with delegations from Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan in Turkey on the sidelines of the Transport Ministerial.

The ministerial focused on Trans-Caspian corridors through which cargos are transported from China to Europe faster, safely and reliably. Natia Turnava accentuated the increased dynamics in cargo turnover. She said the turnover from China through Georgia increased by 12,9 % in 2020 year-on-year.

The Minister said the 56,4% increase was made for the eight months of 2021 for the number of containers transported through the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway despite the global Covid-19 pandemic. “The novel coronavirus was a test for our transport systems. We managed to avoid major faults in transiting,” Turnava claimed.

Participants of the quadripartite meeting discussed how to make the middle corridors more attractive and competitive under the conditions of a global contesting environment to boost infrastructure investments.
საფონდო ბირჟები
საფონდო ბირჟები