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Changes Take Place In The Management Of PSP Insurance

02.03.23 18:00

Changes take place in the management of PSP Insurance. Sophio Lebanidze leaves the position of general director of the company and Mikheil Gaprindashvili will replace. Gaprindashvili was in the management of "Rebank" until February of this year.

Sophia Lebanidze published a post on her personal Facebook page about leaving the position of General Director of "PSP Insurance", where she writes: "it was very difficult to express my gratitude for the 1883 days spent at "PSP Insurance".

First of all, big thanks to PSP Group for the trust and the unique opportunity. Thanks to the "PSP Insurance" team for the welcome and for each day spent together. It is a great honor to be a member of the PSP Group, a unique space of development and opportunity. Many victories ahead, PSP", writes Sophia Lebanidze.

As Sopho Lebanidze told BM.GE, she is moving to the supervisory board of "PSP Insurance", and Mikheil Gaprindashvili will take her place.

Mikheil Gaprindashvili also published a post on his personal Facebook page about the appointment to the position of the executive director of "PSP Insurance".

The changes in the management of the company have not yet been reflected in the Business Register.
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