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Chikhirtma Was Named Among 10 Best Rated Chiken Soups In the World

TasteAtlas named a traditional Georgian soup Chikhirtma among 10 Best Rated Chiken Soups in the world. Traditional Georgian soup ranks on the 10 place.

"Chikhirtma is a flavorful and hearty Georgian soup that is believed to be a great hangover cure. It consists of chicken pieces, onions, eggs, flour, vinegar, water, and seasonings such as salt, bay leaves, and coriander. It has a slightly sour flavor and a thick, creamy consistency.

The soup is usually served hot, and it is recommended to garnish it with freshly chopped coriander", - the publication reads.

According to TasteAtlas, Tom kha gai, a soup from Thailand ranks on the first place Tom kha gai is Thailand's delicious national dish coming from the north and bearing the influence of neighbouring Laos. It is a soup whose name translates to boiled galangal chicken soup, consisting of coconut milk, chicken chunks or shreds, galangal (reddish-brown or pink woody plant related to ginger), lemongrass, garlic, bird's eye chili peppers, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, and shiitake mushrooms.

10 Best Rated Chiken Soups In the World

1. Tom kha gai (THAILAND)
2. Ciorba Radauteana (ROMANIA)
3. Zeama (MOLDOVA)
4. Chorba beïda (ALGERIA)
5. Supă (de pui) cu tăieței (ROMANIA)
6. Bela čorba (SERBIA)
7. Sopa de gallina india (EL SALVADOR)
8. Inchicapi (UCAYALI, PERU)
9. Rosół z kury (POLAND)
10. Chikhirtma (GEORGIA)

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