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"Chikori" Is Preparing For Exports To The USA

Dried fruit company "Chikori" plans to deliver and process 1000 tons of fruits this year. Director of the company Anano Bezhanishvili says, that "Chikori" is planning rebranding, productivity growth, adding a new assortment and exports to the USA.

"We will have updated design and new packaging; Which will further emphasize and ensure the quality and reliability of our products. We are planning to launch a new line: healthy snack, this product will be ideal for snacking, for those for whom a balanced diet is important, besides, we plan to increase production and sales both in the existing market and in export markets, we have recieved FDA certificate and are actively working to enter the USA market", Bezhanishvili said.

In addition, Anano Bezhanishvili spoke about the challenges and noted that the marketing expenses required by chain stores in the local market are significantly affecting Georgian production.

"The marketing expenditures are very big challenge, which significantly harm Georgian production, they force us to increase prices, which, in fact, makes it impossible to compete with imported products," she said.

Kareli-based fruit company "Chikori" has been operating in the Georgian market since 2015, and employees over 70 people. "Chikori" products can be purchased in "Carrefour", "Goodwill", "Agrohub", "Spar", "Nikora", "Ioli", "Europroduct" and other store chains.