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Climate Change Awareness in Georgia Higher among Men than Women

15.02.21 20:30

The degree of awareness of the climate change term in Georgia is higher among men than women. Moreover, compared to other groups, the 65+ age group have less awareness of climate change, while the 18-24 and 45-54 age groups both have 100% awareness, the first-ever national survey on climate change reveals.
The EU, UNDP and REC Caucasus presented first-ever national survey on climate change perceptions, knowledge and behavior undertaken in Georgia.
A nation-wide quantitative survey and the relevant field works were carried out by the Regional Environmental Center for the Caucasus (REC-Caucasus) from Aug 20 to Sep 10. In total, 1,100 respondents were interviewed in urban and rural settlements.
Key findings of the survey was as follows:

97.6% of respondents have heard about climate change.
91.35% think that climate change is real and poses threats to humanity.

25.9% of Georgia’s population believe that international organizations will be able to manage the consequences of climate change.
The majority of respondents think that climate change is more important than international terrorism and armed conflicts (57.9%).
36.19% believe they can do nothing to tackle climate change (among them, women: 41.4% men: 30.1%).
Global warming and draughts (96.11%), disasters (92.84%), melting glaciers and warming ocean (91.83%) are considered as negative effects of climate change.
86.7% of Georgia’s population are aware that energy efficiency measures can reduce their monthly expenses, and 7.9% believes that energy efficiency measures do not affect their monthly expenses.
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