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Company "Room" Plans To Export Ecologically Clean Furniture Abroad

23.05.23 17:00

Tata Janashia, the founder of eco-friendly furniture manufacturing company "Room" declares, that the company will soon export its products abroad.

"Our logistics team is actively involved in the studying of foreign markets. We have selected several countries and try to clarify the details. Negotiations are underway and we will get back to our customers with news very soon, now I will refrain from naming the countries," she said.

In addition, the founder of the company notes that furniture price is affordable for everyone.

"We try as much as possible to make our product available to all types of customers, we have several choices among materials. We want the price of the product to be acceptable for Georgian consumers", she says.

Company Room has been actively operating on the Georgian market for more than a year, the company was created with an investment of 300 EUR and continued production in the founder's own small workshop. The company gets raw materials for furniture from the existing market. "Room" currently employs 10 people.
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