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Demand For Buffets Is Significantly Up – Catering Company

Natia Taktakishvili
27.06.22 12:00
Levan Mdinaradze, event manager of catering company Rembo declares that demand on organizing events has increased in all segments, especially in the buffet direction.

According to Mdinaradze, the lifting of regulations has had a positive impact on the catering industry since the end of April this year. However, the impact of the pandemic on buffet companies is still being observed.

"Demand has increased in all directions, especially on the buffet. When a customer orders a buffet, we also rent inventory and decorations, our services include sound-lighting and many other accompanying details. Compared to the same period of previous years, demand is much higher in May-June this year. There was no such activity in this period before COVID-19; In this regard, people have been mainly active since July.
Despite the restrictions, there was still a demand for buffets last year because people were holding events at homes," Levan Mdinaradze said.

According to him, the new challenge for the catering companies is the so-called “false orders”, which means that the company calculates the prices, while the customer no longer orders the event.

“70-80% of our customers are the companies, that have various activities, including opening a new branch, which has not been possible amid the pandemic. The remaining 20-30% is distributed to private customers, organizing weddings, christening parties and other events.

There are frequent cases of “false order”, when big companies send us a request, learn the details and start organizing an event themselves at the expense of our ideas. There are also companies that give us orders, waste our time and resources and then do not do the event at all,” Mdinaradze said.