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Demand For High Price Segment Brands Has Increased - Galleria Tbilisi

Demand for expensive brands has grown in Georgia, due to the increased purchasing power of consumers.

The head of Communications Service of Galleria Tbilisi  says that there is a slight decrease in the number of customers compared to last year, but according to her, there is an increase in terms of income.

According to Nini Aduashvili, sales have increased by 10-15% compared to the previous year. As she notes, their customers prefer expensive brands, so they are counting on this part.

"During the last three months, 1.5 million people visited Galleria Tbilisi, the figure hit a record high, although it is a decrease of about 20% compared to previous years. About 70% are local customers, while 30% accounts for tourists.

Recently, we can say that the demand for high price segment brands and products has increased. Accordingly, depending on the demand, we are also moving in the direction of introducing higher price category brands," says Nino Aduashvili.