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Demand Increased On Warm Places During The New Year - "Voyager 365"


Goga Kutsniashvili, general manager of "Voyager 365" told BM.GE, that demand increased on warm places during The New Year.

According to him, the current year was quite busy in terms of bookings. However, it is expected that next year will be more active. During the New Year period, there is a demand for such countries as Egypt, Dubai, Maldives, Thailand, Dominican Republic and etc.

"We have already started bookings for the spring season. According to the current data, demand is mostly on European cities. Among them are Vienna, Paris, Prague, Budapest and Istanbul. And we are expecting summer bookings from February. In addition, compared to previous years, a new direction has been activated. In particular, tours to such exotic countries as Kenya, Thailand, Maldives and Zanzibar.

It should be noted that compared to previous years, the prices of air tickets have increased by 20-30%, and I think one of the minor reasons for the growth is aviation fuel price increase, which is permanently surging," Kutsniashvili says.

According to him, their company exceeded the pre-pandemic rate by about 30-40%. The development of airports and the addition of more international airports will have a positive impact on both tourism companies and vacationers and will make the market more competitive.