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Digital Platform "Horsetours" Was Launched

Digital platform "Horsetours" was launched. Anna Nadiradze, the founder of Horsetours.ge declares that the interest in the online platform for foreigners is much higher than that of locals.

Horsetours.ge is an innovative platform that combines all types of horse tours in one space on the one hand, while on the other, it allows ranches for rent.

According to the founder, the interest in equestrian tourism is growing, which is also confirmed by the fact that the number of Horsetours users increased to 2868 this year instead of 534 as of last year.

The company offers equestrian tours to any type of customer with any experience and budget. As its founder notes, multi-day mixed type tours are particularly popular and she adds that the main segment of consumers are people between 25 and 45 years old.

Speaking about future plans, the founder of Horsetours.ge notes that after fully exploiting the equestrian potential of Georgia, the company plans to enter the market of Kazakhstan and Turkey.