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Doubled Turnover, New Exporting Markets - How Did Cosmo Finish 2022?

Natia Taktakishvili
06.02.23 16:00
The bag and accessories producing brand "Cosmo" doubled its production capacity and added new export markets in 2022. Accoridng to the founder of the company, Sophie Mukhlishvili, the company had a very successful year.

"With the support of "Enterprise Georgia", we were at the international exhibition in Milan, where we met potential customers, and after that we sent our collection to Italy twice. We also opened our store on Amazon and conducted various campaigns," said Sophie Mukhlishvili.

The founder says Cosmo also faced challenges in 2022, which were related to the events of the Russia-Ukraine War.

"As we are focused on exports, we want to launch a modern, high-standard enterprise, this was our main goal last year, however, the real estate price growth in the background of high migration to Georgia due to the Russian-Ukrainian War prevented us from doing this and made it practically impossible.

Despite that, raw material prices were also increased, we tried our best to maintain the product cost. However, we do not yet know how much we will cope with this challenge this year," - explains the founder of Cosmo.

The company currently employs 54 people and has seven branches across Tbilisi.

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