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Egypt Tour Prices Are Down - "Avianet"

03.05.23 14:00

"Tour package prices increased from 10 to 20% this year compared to the same period of spring, 2019, but it does not apply to the destination of Egypt, because travel to Egypt has become cheaper by 10%," - "Avianet" Director Amiran Abesadze told TV-program "Business Morning".

He also explained the reasons why the cost of tour packages to Egypt decreased.

"If in 2019 the cost of a tour package in the direction of Egypt started from GEL 1500, today it starts from GEL 1300. The reason for the price reduction in Egypt was that the local tour operators reduced the prices of hotels, which had a positive impact on the price of the final tour packages. This has also led to an increase in the passenger flow in the direction of Egypt. If last year 80 tourists demanded for Egypt tours, now their number amounts to 175," - said Amiran Abesadze.

According to him, Egypt, Turkey and Cyprus are popular destinations among Georgian travelers. The cost of the tour package in Egypt starts from GEL 1300, Turkey - from GEL 1400, and the cheapest is Cyprus, which starts from GEL 900.
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