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Exports From Georgia To Ukraine Are Up

Natia Taktakishvili
22.06.22 12:00
Exports from Georgia to Ukraine are up,- show the preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat). Exports from Georgia to Ukraine amounted to USD 11.6 million in May 2022, which was 3 folds more compared to April. This means that trade with Ukraine is gradually improving.

TOP-5 largest export commodities In May 2022:

1) Cars - USD 6.9 million;
2) Alcoholic beverages - USD 1.1 million;
3) Orthopedic devices; Artificial body parts - USD 0.7 million;
4) Polymers of ethylene - USD 0.7 million;
5) Trucks - USD 0.5 million.

Exports to Ukraine were reduced by only 40% in May compared to the same period of 2021, while the decrease was more than 90% in March and April.

As for imports, there is an improvement in this regard as well. In May, Georgia purchased USD 17.2 million worth of goods from Ukraine, up USD 5 million from April.

TOP-5 of purchased commodities:

1) Cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes from tobacco or its substitutes - USD 1.4 million;
2) Tobacco products - USD 1 million;
3) Frozen birds - USD 0.9 million;
4) Medicines packaged - USD 0.7 million;
5) Margarine - USD 0.7 million.