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External Merchandise Trade With Ukraine Is Down By 19.1%

25.05.23 13:00

According to the data of 4M2023, Ukraine is no longer included in the list of 10 largest trading partners of Georgia. The trend of decreasing trade in goods between the countries has been observed since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. The reduction trend in exports-imports with Ukraine is maintained this year as well. According to official statistics, trade has decreased by 19.1% in 4 months this year. In January-April, external merchandise trade amounted to USD 118 million 391 thousand. Ukraine ranks on 14th place among the trading partners.

During the reporting period, Georgia exported goods worth USD 30.4 million to Ukraine, which was 42.5% lower than the figure of the same period of the previous share.

TOP-10 Exporting Commodities:

1. Non-denatured ethyl alcohol - USD 8.6 million;
2. Natural grape wines - USD 4.1 million;
3. Motor Cars - USD 3.9 million;
4. Oil and oil products - USD 2.4 million;
5. Mineral and fresh waters - USD 1.8 million;
6. Other vegetables, fresh or frozen - USD 1.8 million;
7. Copper waste and scrap - USD 1.5 million;
8. Nuts -USD 993 thousand;
9. Polymers of ethylene, in primary forms - USD 676 thousand;
10. Ginger, saffron, thyme, bay leaf, curry and other spices - USD 501 thousand;

As for imports, the rate of purchase of goods from Ukraine during January-April decreased by 5.8%, therefore, USD 87.9 million was spent on purchase of goods.

TOP-10 Importing Commodities:
1. Motor Cars - USD 18.1 million dollars;
2. Copton and other solid waste - USD 3.6 million;
3. Bread, flour confectionery - USD 2.9 million;
4. Medicinal products packaged - USD 2.6 million;
5. Corks, lids and roofs - USD 2.6 million;
6. Roasted or unroasted malt - USD 2.6 million;
7. Chocolate and other ready-made food products containing cocoa - USD 2.5 million;
8. Milk and cream, thickened or with added sugar - USD 1.8 million;
9. Sugar confectionery - USD 1.8 million;
10. Insecticides and anti-emergence agents and growth regulators - USD 1.6 million.

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