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Former Israeli negotiator talking to Hamas

12.10.23 11:28

Some family members and friends of those being held hostage by Hamas have contacted Gershon Baskin, a former Israeli negotiator, who secured the release of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit - who was held by Hamas for five years.

Speaking to Julian Worricker on The World Tonight, Baskin said he is talking to Hamas, "trying to convince them to release the women and the children, (and) to let us deliver medicine".

He said, "I think [Hamas] are equally surprised as Israel at their success in the military operation…in their attempt to abduct as many people as they did."

From what Hamas has told Baskin, he said: "I believe that women will not be raped, that civilians will not be tortured. I’m not sure that’s the same with regards to soldiers," BBC reports.