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Fuel Price Growth Increased Shipment Costs By 15% - Kairos Logistics

Against the background of fuel price growth in Georgia, international shipments have become more expensive. According to the co-founder of "Kairos Logistics", Mikheil Namadov, in the last two weeks the rates for shipments have increased by 15%.

"Since fuel is one of the most important components in shipping, it is directly proportional to the fuel price increase. There was no immediate increase, but within about two weeks we started to revise the prices. We have an increase of about 15%, and we expect the rates to increase even more", said Mikheil Namedov.

As Mikheil Namedov told BMG, the increased cost of logistics makes daily-use products more expensive.

"It is applied directly proportionally to low-priced daily cargo, and in the high-priced category, in many cases, companies subsidize with their own margin. This increase in price, first of all, always affects the products of daily consumption", said Mikheil Namedov.

During the last week, different types of fuel have become more expensive in the range of 4-10 tetri and exceed even GEL 3 in different petrol stations.