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GD Chair Represnted Election Plans

Natiko Taktakishvili
15.02.24 19:00

Irakli Garibashvili, the Chairman of Georgia’s ruling party, has announced plans to visit all ten regions and hold external events within the next 100 days. The primary objective of these meetings is to get ready for the forthcoming pre-election campaign.

Gharibashvili emphasized the importance of mobilizing party resources, engaging with regional organizations, party members, and the general population to understand their needs and prepare for the parliamentary elections.

“The primary focus of these meetings will be to lay the groundwork for the upcoming pre-election campaign. Our party needs to be well-prepared for the elections, and our declared objective is to achieve the maximum result. To attain this goal, we must mobilize our resources and assets effectively, aiming for a robust victory. Let me reiterate our objective: to secure a constitutional majority in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

I express my gratitude to every member of our party. I will conduct meetings with them during these ten off-site events. I want to emphasize that we maintain communication with the executive power and the Parliament. Taking this opportunity, I extend my best wishes for success to Prime Minister Kobakhidze’s government and all ministers,” Garibashvili stated.