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George Kobulia Congratulated Entrepreneurs Operating in Agriculture Sector on Farmers Day

19.11.18 21:52

“We stand with you and work together to fulfill your goals, because your success is our success as well” – George Kobulia, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development stated in Zugdidi while addressing audience at the event dedicated to the Farmer’s Day.

As the Minister noted, such events help us to develop the agriculture sector and in this terms, exchanging of the opinions is very important.

“Such Forums allow us to understand what the government has to do in order to stand with you. Of course, we all know that agriculture is a priority and strategic field for Georgia and the role of the farmers and farm enterprises is very important in this regard. In Georgia, we have an impressive tradition of farming, we have a number of advantages and we can create products that are not only sold in our country, but at foreign markets as well. Agriculture will allow to engage the large number of our active population in the economic activity as well as to create jobs and increase the average income of the people” – George Kobulia said.

According to the Minister of Economy, although there are many programs supporting the agriculture and farmers, but there is much space for further expansion. 

In his speech, George Kobulia also talked about the initiative aiming at trainings for the employees in order to improve the qualifications of the workforce.

“I want to tell you that we are planning a very large program with state support. We will prepare you and prepare the staff for you and as a result, you will be able to rely on their high qualifications. It is not only about the training of the technical specialties, but there will be trainings in marketing, financial accounting, etc." – George Kobulia noted.

The Minister of Economy also emphasized that this field should be oriented at export and this is important in terms of the development of the agriculture.

“We need to export agriculture products. We prefer to export more than just to supply the local market. We will support you to get familiar if how to expand production and how to reach upon the export markets. One of the prerequisites is the expansion of the enterprises. We saw many examples of cooperatives and let me encourage you to continue developing in this direction. We stand beside you and work together for these purposes because your success is our success,” – George Kobulia stated. We stand with you and work together to fulfill your goals, because your success is our success as well” – George Kobulia commented.

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