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Georgia Can Create A Very Strong National Brand - Lindstrom Company

Natia Taktakishvili
05.07.22 13:00
"I think that Georgia has the greatest potential to create a national brand, similar to what France, Great Britain, Germany or Switzerland have, although I think that creativity needs to be released for this, and I hope that it will happen soon," Martin Lindstrom, CEO of Lindstrom Company said.

According to him, Georgia should think about creating its own national brand, since it has all the resources and potential for this.

"Georgian people are unique and I'm not kidding when I say that. You have amazingly creative people, the Silk Road passed through you, it all created a very rich culture. But, it is completely unknown outside of Georgia", said Martin Lindstrom.

He drew a parallel with the leading companies that created a strong brand.

"For example, what company comes to mind when you say 'search'?" Google? Yes. One word - search and association with Google. For many years, you have been led to think so. The most interesting thing is that Google is not the best search platform in the world. And we think they are the best. Take other companies, for example, Volvo and Safety; Magic, it's Disney. What is such a word for Georgia? This is the number one branding issue. The second question is, how will consumers adapt to it? For example, Thailand is a country of smiles. The third issue is transformation, how do you transform that brand, culture and service. Some countries were able to do this, while Russia stands frozen. There are countries that are very progressive in this regard, for example South Korea. Accordingly, culture, transformation and branding fit together well," he said.

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