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Georgia Postpones President’s ‘All-important visit’ to Strasbourg

13.04.23 23:09

President of Georgia will not address the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg next week. The President was supposed to give an address to the full chamber on April 18. Mme. President first announced her visit on March 31, while delivering her annual report to the Parliament at the extraordinary session, covering all the key issues concerning the situation in the country. Presidential Administration says the visit was postponed due to ‘artificially delayed’ approval from the government of Georgia.

“Due to the artificially delayed approval process by the government of Georgian, the President of Georgia decided to postpone all-important visit to the city of Strasbourg, as she believes that this should be a step towards depolarization, and not vice versa,” said the statement released by the Administration, adding “the address to the European Parliament and the opportunity to meet with the highest representatives of the European Union should make the most of cementing our candidate status and therefore the appropriate time of the address will be selected together with the President of the European Parliament.”

 “Misleading and mistrustful” 

Over an hour later the Administration of the Government of Georgia responded to Presidential Administration’s statement and called the above-mentioned announcement “misleading and mistrustful”. The Government Administration assured that both verbal and written consents were given to the President. Corresponding Orders were submitted to the statement of the Government Administration.

Pursuant to the Government Administration, President received the verbal approval from the Georgian Government regarding the visit to Strasbourg at the beginning of March, during her visit to the USA.

"The working process and specification of technical details were underway between the Administration of the Government and the Administration of the President. The last letter from the Administration of the President was received by the Administration of the Government yesterday, April 12, and the next day, on April 13, written consent was sent to her regarding the working visit to the French Republic, Strasbourg, on April 17-19.

In addition, written consent was sent to the President of Georgia regarding a working visit to Great Britain and the United Kingdom of Northern Ireland.." the statement said.

 Keeping Georgia on the EU agenda

“Very regrettable. I wish that we (there are so many friends of Georgia in the European Parliament) could have welcomed her for a Presidential Speech in the plenary. Hopefully, that she will make then to the next session. It’s so important to keep Georgia on the EU agenda,” MEP Viola von Cramon commented on the President’s canceled visit to Strasbourg on April 18.
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