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Georgian Funding Totaled Roughly GEL 38 MLN To Support Ukraine - Gov't Annual Report

05.06.23 17:53

“Georgia has steadfastly continued to support Ukraine in political, diplomatic, and humanitarian directions since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale military aggression in Ukraine,” reads the annual report of the Government of Georgia, scheduled for today’s session of the Parliament’s Bureau.

The document mentions Georgia expressing its solidarity with Ukraine through co-authoring resolutions, co-sponsoring, or joining statements on international platforms.

“There have been over 500 statements, declarations, and resolutions in favour of Ukraine in international organizations since the beginning of the war. Georgia offers significant humanitarian and financial aid to Ukraine, including to more than 26,000 Ukrainians in Georgia through different social and educational initiatives. Georgian funding totalled roughly GEL 38 million in 2022. Five recreation-rehabilitation programmes for Ukrainian youngsters affected by the conflict have been launched in Georgia. Georgia has joined all joint statements issued within the scope of the Crimean Platform, as well as the Buch Declaration,” the report notes.
საფონდო ბირჟები
საფონდო ბირჟები