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Sandomi Increased Sweets Price By 8%

Natia Taktakishvili

21.03.23 17:00 339 ნახვა

Tekla Talakvadze, marketing manager of Sweets producing company "Sandomi" said, the company's product price increased by 8% due to the expensive raw materials. According to her, inflation was reflected in confectionery products.

"Inflation has already affected confectionery products. When raw materials become more expensive, we are also obliged to increase the product price. But at the beginning of the war, we kept the old price for quite a long time in the first stage, but finally, we still had to increase the products by about 8%", - says Tekla Talakvadze.

The head of marketing of "Sandomi" also talks about the competition from imported sweets in the market. According to her, despite that the volume of imported products has decreased recently, local enterprises still find it difficult to compete.

"Despite that imports of sweets decreased in the country, it is still difficult to compete for us. The reason is that Georgian products need more promotion. Imported goods do not always mean high-quality, there are both high-quality and low-quality products on the market, the price of which is quite low, so it is very difficult for us to compete with them", - said Tekla Talakvadze.
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