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Glovo’s Georgian Plans - A Conversation with Sacha Michaud

11.12.22 12:14
Glovo-s co-founder Sacha Michaud visited Georgia, and the BMG TV - of course, as the tradition that we have already established that most of the relevant guests of the country that could reflect on global and local business and economics tendencies, also visit BMG TV - the only business and economics independent channel in South Caucasus.

Today Glovo represents the service that was the only light during the pandemic and probably the best habit that the pandemic has left us with - deliver everything you need straight to your doors. It happened so that Sacha Michaud was also on the board of GITA matching grants program and he shared some of his experience with The Checkpoints.

If you are interested in what Glovo’s future might be in Georgia and beyond - here is a conversation from the Business Morning Show with Sacha Michaud.

Sacha Michaud - Glovo, Co-Founder;
Giorgi Isakadze - Forbes Georgia, Editor-in-Chief;
Georgy Aronia - Forbes Georgia & BMG, Analyst;
Giorgi Tolordava - Forbes Georgia & BMG, Analyst.

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