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How Many Citizens Are Vaccinated In Georgia?

Natia Taktakishvili

11.10.21 17:00 318 ნახვა

More than 1 million individuals have received at least one dose of the vaccine in the country so far, while 879,060 have received two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine.

The vaccination process started in Georgia on March 15 and 1,874,845 jabs were made in total across the country, which means 8,970 jabs per day. However, the highest pace of vaccination was observed from the second half of July to the first half of September, when 20,000-25,000 jabs were made. However, vaccination pace was significantly down from the second half of September.

A total of 3,442 vaccinations were administered in the country in the last 24 hours, while 2/3 of these vaccinations accounted for the second dose. At present, 35.2% of the adult population is vaccinated with at least one dose, and 30.6% of adults are vaccinated twice.

The national target for vaccination is to vaccinate at least 60% of the adult population by the end of 2021.
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