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How Many Real Estate Transactions Were Made In 8M2021?

07.10.21 11:30

TBC Capital published a report on Tbilisi Residential Real Estate. The document reveals that the number of sold residential properties stands at about 23,800 in 8M2021. According to the report, with a marginally recovered market and demand, the prices are going up. The average residential real estate price in August 2021 is almost 5% higher than its 2019 level.

The report reads that a total of 14,300 apartments were sold in Tbilisi in the same period last year, therefore, the number of sold residential properties increased by 66% in 2021 compared to the previous year.

The report shows, that as of 2021, 64% of the sold apartments accounts for the new residential houses.

The document reads that the average cost of new residential apartment in Tbilisi stood at USD 766, while the old ones – USD 688.

Number of Sold Residential Properties By Square/Meter In 8M2021:

• Up to 50 square meters - 32% of sales;
• 50-70 square meters - 37% of sales;
• 70-100 square meters - 20% of sales;
• 100-150 square meters - 8% of sales;
• More than 150 square meters - 3% of sales.
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