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How Much Assets Do Georgian Banks Have?

28.09.21 13:00

The National Bank of Georgia (NBG) published a report on the current condition of commercial banks’ assets. According to the report, in August 2021, the total assets of Georgian commercial banks have constituted 57.49 billion GEL.

“As of September 1 2021, the banking sector in Georgia is represented by 15 commercial banks, including 14 - foreign-controlled banks. In August 2021, compared to the previous month, the total assets of Georgian commercial banks (in current prices) increased by 458.02 million GEL, (or by 0.8 percent) and constituted 57.49 billion GEL (exchange rate effect excluded above mentioned indicator increased by 1.47 percent)”, - the NBG reports.

According to the NBG, the banking sector's equity capital equals 7.11 billion GEL, which makes up 12.38 percent of the commercial banks total assets.
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