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How Much Does Georgian Antiviral Mouthwash For COVID-19 Cost?

Natia Taktakishvili
13.10.21 11:30
Georgian-made antiviral mouthwash for COVID-19 is already available in Georgia. GlyperA is an antimicrobial mouthwash, which reduces the number of microbes, viruses and bacteria in the mouth and throat. GlyperA is a means of protection that significantly reduces the likelihood of human disease by various microbes. The remedy has already been tested in India, specifically at the University of Bangalore, against the Covid-19 delta strain and it has been shown to be 100% effective. The medicine is recommended to use after the contacts with a risk of Covid-19 virus disease.

As the general manager of the company "Dzala", Vakhtang Pavlenishvili told Business Morning, GliperA is a kind of active shield with a facemask and vaccination.

"The aim of the research was to get the right dosage. Today, we can say for sure that the frequency of use and the age category is not limited. At the end of winter, along with the mouth wash, nasal spray will be available on the market, the registration of which is underway now, ”said Vakho Pavlenishvili.

The antibacterial mouthwash will be launched in the regional markets after Georgia and India, first of all in Armenia and Azerbaijan, and in the future, it is not excluded to export to European countries. As for the price, Georgian-made anti-coronavirus mouthwash costs GEL 18, which is sold in PSP pharmacy chain.

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