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How Much Will The Gov’t Spend On COVID-19 Management In 2022?

Natia Taktakishvili
05.10.21 12:30
Draft 2022 State Budget of Georgia reports, that the government of Georgia will spend USD 500 million on COVID-19 management.

According to the draft budget, as the government predicts infection rate decrease, GEL 310 million less will be spent on the treatment of COVID-19 patients in 2022 compared to this year. Along with the treatment of the patients, the budget will provide GEL 50 million for immunization.

Healthcare expenditures amount to 1.73 billion GEL in total, which is GEL 277 million less compared to 2020. The main reason for the decline is the reduction of funds for the COVID-19 management.

In order to meet the government's forecast for reduced morbidity, it is necessary to vaccinate 60% of the adult population in 2021, according to the plan.

However, since the second half of September, the number of new vaccinations in the country has dropped dramatically. To date, 989,294 people are jabbed, according to the NCDC. Among them, 828,964 people were fully vaccinated.