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I don’t think that subsidizing of mortgage loans might cause surplus debt – director of Archi

28.05.20 18:24
“I don’t think that privileges might cause surplus debt, supposedly we will remain within reasonable limits”, - Shio Khetsuriani, general director of Archi declares.

"Recently, we often had business statements that the National Bank should weaken the current regulations. I don’t think this will cause excessive debt, supposedly we will remain within the reasonable limits. The guarantee issued by the state and the assistance provided by the state will help to issue more mortgage loans,”Khetsuriani said.

Moreover, Khetsuriani assesses the anti-crisis plan of the development sector and says that as a result of the government's support, the business will think about additional investments.

"It is an important initiative of the government. It is not just an assistance to the construction sector. It is the help of the banking sector and people as well, who buy an apartment that will help thousands of people keep their jobs. As a result, the construction sector will consider additional investments to create hundreds of new jobs. This is to help the economy, companies, business and the people”, Khetsuriani said.

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