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I Doubt Georgian Gov't Will Carry Out Mandatory Vaccination - Expert

Natia Taktakishvili
13.10.21 13:30
Health experts and specialists are actively talking about mandatory vaccination on the background of the low vaccination rate in Georgia, but a similar decision is not made by the Coordination Council so far.

According to Zaza Tsereteli, Senior Advisor of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services, if the state could enforce and introduce mandatory vaccination, it would be good.

"Georgia has been running a very weak vaccination campaign from the very beginning, it has not been able to oppose anti-vaccination speeches. In addition, the primary health care system is very weak and they have not been able to conduct an information campaign and attract the population for vaccination. As for mandatory vaccination, there is one problem: how will the state be able to implement this obligation ?! The government even had difficulty to control the COVID-related restrictions at the first stage and the rules were often broken. For example, mandatory vaccinations is introduced, but doctors and teachers are not taking the jabs. What is the country going to do ?! Will the state be able to prevent unvaccinated doctors from working? I doubt it very much," said Zaza Tsereteli.

As of October 11, 30.8% of the adult population is fully vaccinated in Georgia.

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