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IMF: Georgia does not have a national public investment strategy or infrastructure plan

12.11.18 09:12
The authorities prepare and publish three national planning documents, one set of sector planning documents, and one set of ministerial planning documents. The three national documents are: (i) Georgia 2020 , which was prepared in 2014 and sets national development goals to be achieved by 2017 and 2020; (ii) the Government Platform , which sets out the government’s reform plans for its expected term of office; i.e., between 2016 and 2020; and (iii) BDD, which each year covers fiscal plans for the forthcoming budget year and the following three years.

The set of sector planning documents consists of about 60 sector strategies, and the set of ministerial planning documents consists of one action plan per central government ministry. The economic vision of Georgia 2020 document is to create the foundations for long-term inclusive economic growth and improve the welfare of the population. It does not have a separate public investment component per se, but includes extensive discussion of the need for improved infrastructure to support economic development and improved economic competitiveness in many sectors. Its coverage in terms of projects is limited and ad hoc; it discusses types of new projects and mentions some of them individually: East-West Highway, Anaklia port, the Georgian section of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, and Kutaisi airport.