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“Imposing fine of 50 GEL for breaching face mask rules is necessary” – Roman Kakulia

08.06.20 12:41

The Parliament of Georgia will discuss a legislative amendment to the law on face-covering regulations this week.

Roman Kakulia, chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Sectoral Economics and Economic Policy, believes that imposing fines on wearing of face masks is necessary and adequate.

"I think the fines are adequate. Part of the population has already realized the danger. There is a very uncertain prospect ahead, so I think it is adequate and necessary”, Kakulia said.

New rules are about to come into force legally requiring citizens to wear facemasks on public transport or closed spaces.

According to the changes into law, a fine of 50 GEL can be imposed on those who fail to wear a mask on public transport, taxes or closed spaces. The owner of the closed space will face a fine of 500 GEL for letting a person in a building without a face mask.
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