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“It Is Safe to Go to the Elections” – the Head of the Government Administration

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28.10.20 20:00
According to the Head of the Government Administration Natia Mezvrishvili, participation in the elections is safe due to the security measures.
Se said this after the end of the Coordination Council.
"Important elections are approaching. The relevant services have been actively working on the rules: Election Administration of Georgia and epidemiologists. We can confidently say that security in the election process will be fully guaranteed. Observers will be able to observe in a safe environment, and voters will make choices in a safe environment.

As for other issues, the absolute maximum was done to make sure of each person's right to vote. A lot of different services worked in different formats. In conclusion, I will say that it is safe to go to the elections, and we call on the citizens to take part in the elections, "Mezvrishvili said.

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