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We Had A 30-40% Growth In The Georgian Market - "Niamori"

22.03.23 14:00

In 2022, the Georgian alcoholic beverage production company "Niamori" had a 30-40% increase in the Georgian market, and a 50-60% increase in the export direction - the director of the company, Giorgi Bochorishvili, spoke about this in an interview with Bm.ge.

"We mainly operate in the local market, 2022 turned out to be very successful for us, we increased sales and orders both in Georgia and abroad," he added.

The niche of "Niamori" is the gift direction and the engraving on the bottle. According to Giorgi Bochorishvili, the company's products have received great approval.

"Our design is greatly approved both in Georgia and abroad, we are conducting negotiations in the Baltic and European countries, we want to export not only with individual orders, but also in a large volume, and we are preparing for it," he explained, adding that the biggest challenge for the company is to find sales markets.

The company "Niamori" was founded in 2016, and it began to operate actively in the fall of 2017. At this stage, the company employs 15 people. As for the price of the products, "Niamori" prices range from GEL 60 to GEL 445.
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