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Lari sheds 3 tetri against USD, EUR

24.05.23 17:02

As a result of May 24 trading, the Georgian national currency Lari (GEL) depreciated against the US dollar (USD). The change in the exchange rate against the dollar was 3.09 tetri, following that, official value of the greenback became 2.5879 GEL.

According to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), the national currency decreased 2.66 tetri against the euro (EUR), as a result of which the official value of one euro became 2.7825 GEL.

The 3.46-tetri drop is against the British pound sterling (GBP), the price of which has become 3.2020 GEL.

Georgian lari depreciated 0.13 tetri against Turkish lira (TRY), exchange rate became 13.01 GEL.

The rates obtained as a result of today's trading will take effect from tomorrow, May 25.
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