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Mamuka Bakhtadze: Almost 2,000 refugees will receive residences

09.11.18 17:06

As Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze stated during the briefing before today's Government meeting, the 2019 draft budget includes 90 million GEL for accommodating refugee families, which means that almost 2,000 refugees will receive apartments.

According to the Head of Government, these sums are designated for the construction of new residential and for residential space acquisition for refugees alike.

"The order of allocating apartments has been regulated, which has been a very painful process. As you know, the limitation prohibiting new constructions for refugees in Tbilisi, introduced by the Government of Georgia in 2009, has been abolished. We have changed this discriminative approach. The Government, based on a competition, will acquire apartments from Georgian developers, and next year refugees will receive new residences in Tbilisi, Rustavi, Marneuli, Khashuri, Batumi, and Kutaisi. As of today, residential spaces in Tbilisi have been purchased to be handed to 342 households in the near future," Mamuka Bakhtadze said.

According to the Prime Minister, because of mobilizing extra finances on top of planned amounts in the budget, and given the fact that the economic growth has proved to be higher than the 2018 initial budget, there is an opportunity to implement capital expenses and investments. In this regard, Mamuka Bakhtadze said, additional 20 million GEL will be mobilized to improve the living conditions of refugees. According to the Head of Government, legalization/registration of residential spaces for refugees also continues.

"In many ways, procedures and legislation have proved to be inflexible, and this issue will be regulated in the nearest future. Allow me to remind everyone that, since 2013, some 17,162 families have received residential spaces to own, and this intensive process will continue," Mamuka Bakhtadze underlined.

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