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Ministry of Finance: U.S. has provided $14B in budget support to Ukraine

10.03.23 10:29
Since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the United States has provided Ukraine with over $14 billion in financial aid.

"Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the United States has provided Ukraine with more than $14 billion in financial aid," the press service of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine informs.

The Ministry of Finance notes that the use of funds is being checked in Ukraine, as well as by institutions that provide assistance. The use of U.S. funding is monitored by the World Bank, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and Deloitte Consulting LLP.

"To continue to attract financial aid we need to overcome the economic consequences of the war, we must show the world the achievements in the fight against corruption," said Minister of Finance Serhiy Marchenko.

He noted that the problem of corruption had not disappeared in Ukraine so the tools to overcome it should be expanded.

"To keep support from the governments of the countries and taxpayers of the partner countries, we have to prove by deeds that we are reliable allies and can effectively use the funds raised," Marchenko said.

As reported, the United States agreed to allocate more than $10 billion to Ukraine by September 2023 to cover the budget deficit.