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Most Of The Guests Are From Germany And Thailand - Hotel "Lahili"


09.06.23 14:00 197 ნახვა

Levan Dadvani, the owner of Hotel "Lahili" says, that the tourist season in Svaneti started in May and at this stage, hotel reservations reach 20-30%. As Dadvani notes, most of the guests are from Germany and Thailand.

"The summer season started a little earlier, the influx of people has been noticed since May and is slowly increasing. European countries are more active at this stage. We have many tourists from Germany and Thailand, this market is growing in the last period. Svaneti is more interesting for European tourists because it is closer to Kutaisi and they get there easily, they stay for 2-3 nights on average. There are also Russians, although their share in Svaneti tourism is not large.

As for the prices, they did not increase much compared to the previous year. You will meet all price segments from GEL 30 to GEL 500, while the average price ranges from GEL 100-200.

In 2014, there were only 5 hotels on "Booking.com", today there are more than 300 hotels. This year, we expect that the indicators will reach the pre-pandemic rate. We have already received up to 20-30% of reservations for the summer, although generally reservations are made 2-3 days in advance.

There are no radical changes. In terms of electricity, we don't have any problems in the summer, the problem was the road from Zugdidi to Mestia, which repair is underway now," said Dadvani.
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