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29.10.18 17:43

During first three quarters of 2018 external merchandise trade turnover amounted to 9 124.8 m US dollars, which is 20.8% higher than the similar data of 2017. Export of goods was about 2 448.1 m US dollars and imports equaled 6 676.7 m US dollars. According to data of the first three quarters, export of goods is increased by 25.7% annually. Its largest share (47.4%) comes to the CIS countries. Export in EU countries is increased by 13.2% annually and amounts to 533 m US dollars. Total goods exported to EU member countries amount to 21.8% of total exports.

Copper ores and concentrates, ferroalloys, wine, motor cars da medicaments are major export commodities. These five commodity groups constitute almost half of total export. In the first three quarters of 2018, the import of goods increased by 19.1% compared to the previous year. The largest three import commodities are oil and oil products, motor cars and copper ores. During this period, import of oil and oil products exceeded 644 m US dollars. Despite the fact that during this year the annual growth rate of export exceeds the growth rate of import (chart 7), the negative balance of trade is rising along with the increasing trade turnover. In the first three quarters, the negative balance increased by 15.5% annually and amounted to 4 229 m US dollars.
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