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Nenskra Hydro one of Georgia’s Top 10 Investment Companies

14.12.18 19:27
In the third quarter of 2018 the company Nenskra Hydro made it onto the list of the top ten investors in Georgia. According to Geostat, Nenskra Hydro is among the ten largest foreign investor companies in Georgia. As was told to bm.ge, in 2018 the company, as part of the implementation of the Nenskra Hydro of the Hydroelectric power plant project, made a total investment of 58.2 million USD. It is worth noting that the preparation work for the construction of the power plant was reconvened on November 1 in the villages of Chuberi and Nakra villages in the Mestia municipality. The work is being carried out by the JSC Nensrka Hydro subcontractor company Georgian Construction Consortium. Currently, rehabilitation work is being done on two sections of a road in the village of Chuberi that were damaged by the 5 th of July disaster. Up to 20 units of heavy equipment have been mobilized.

The next stage for preparation work consists of the construction of 3 bridges on the river Nensrka. The project’s preparatory work, which includes the construction of bridges, the rehabilitation of the roads across the Nensrka and Nakra gorges, the raising of construction camps, and the construction of power lines, will be completed by the end of 2019. In addition to the construction work, the company is also implementing social and education projects locally. The company is also supporting the development of Small and Medium Enterprises. For example, starting from autumn 2018 and together with the Agriculture Cooperative Development Agency, Nenskra Hydro has been actively involved in establishing multi-crop agriculture cooperatives in the villages of Chuberi and Nakra.

Author: Telara Gelantia

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