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New Accommodation Facility Is Opened In Racha

Natia Taktakishvili
14.07.22 13:00
The newly opened accommodation facility "Chalet-Panorama Nikortsminda" will receive its first guests on July 16 in Racha.

A new family-type house near the village of Nikortsminda was put into operation a few days ago and includes 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a common space, a balcony and a well-furnished yard. Today, "Chalet-Panorama Nikortsminda" is fully aimed at local tourists and offers its guests a cozy and comfortable vacation surrounded by the scenery of Nikortsminda.

Speaking to BM.GE, the co-owner of the guest house, Tamar Gvadibadze, says that she and her husband had the idea of ​​opening an accommodation facility in Racha for a long time, and when they saw this house at the end of last year, they decided to buy it and arrange it in an ethnographic style.

The co-owner of "Chalet-Panorama Nikortsminda" notes that an investmnet of over USD 60-70 thousand is needed to build and furnish such a house, while the cost of 1 square meter of land in this area is about USD 35. As for accommodation prices, the cost of booking a house for one night is GEL 540, per persopn cost amounts to GEL 90. The new facility offers a 20% discount for those who want to stay for three or more nights and also offers housekeeper services if desired.

"We have equipped "Chalet-Panorama Nikortsminda" with five-star hotel quality inventory. Today, we can receive 6-10 people at the same time and we are mainly designed for three types of customers - friendly gatherings, small birthday parties, team building meetings and family vacations," the co-owner of the new facility told BMG.

Tamar Gvadibadze also says that the income received from the accommodation will be used for the development of "Chalet-Panorama Nikortsminda" and they will fully arrange the yard, where a place for movie nights will be arranged for next summer.