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Number Of Tourists Down In The Region Due To The Natural Disasters - Chateau Kiramala Lagodekhi

Hotels located in Kakheti are preparing for the most important period of the year, vintage has already started in the region, and this affects the occupancy rate of hotels every year.

Some of the hotels declare, that the bad weather has affected the activity of vacationers. The manager of  Chateau Kiramala Lagodekhi told bm.ge that the demand from vacationers has decreased due to natural disasters.

According to him, the occupancy rate of the hotel hit a record high this year compared to the previous one. This year, Kakheti region has a shortage of guests.

"Recently, the demand for recreation in the region has decreased due to natural disasters in Georgia. We are about 50/50 in terms of demand. Unfortunately, we still depend on the weather.

At the moment, our occupancy rate has reached 70%, although we were expecting a much more active September. Again, due to bad weather, we did not have a high workload. We were expecting up to 90% load in the month of August, now this figure has reached 40%" - notes Tornike Labuchidze.