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Nunisi Forest Hotel and Spa Awaits Road Rehabilitation For 20 Years

Natia Taktakishvili
07.12.22 14:00
A medical, wellness and entertainment-recreational complex Nunisi Forest Hotel and Spa, located in the northeastern part of the Borjom-Kharagauli National Park declares that the complex awaits road rehabilitation for 20 years.

According to Irma Daushvili, co-founder of the complex, the infrastructure around the resort is one of the challenges. As she says, the rehabilitation of the 28-kilometer road section has not been carried out for years, which complicates the business process.

According to her, uninterrupted electricity supply and the issue of gasification still remain the main challenges in the region.

"Exactly 20 years have passed since our company owns Nunisi. We came as enthusiastic young people in Kharagauli district to develop this resort. We think we've contributed, but it's not what we ultimately wanted to do.

To date, the access road to the resort is 28 kilometers from the Chumateleti turn. There is a bad road, but the road of Nunisi is the worst. It is also important that, as in all regions, we still have the same problems with unstable electricity supply.

There is no gasification in Nunisi. The largest expenditure for tourism development is utility bills. If you don't have gas, this cost increases a lot," says Irma Daushvili, co-founder of "Nunisi Forest Hotel".

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