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Our New Year's Basket Costs About GEL 250 - Chirckhela

Natia Taktakishvili

20.12.22 17:00 439 ნახვა

Georgian traditional sweets manufacturing company Chirckhela has increased prices by 20-30% for the New Year's basket, - according to Guri Salukvadze, founder of the company.

As he noted, the price increase was caused by the increase in the cost of products.

"The cost of the basket increases depending on the number of products inside. We mainly put wine, honey, churchkhela, dried fruit rolls and dried fruits. The sharp price increase has also affected us, so compared to previous years, the price of New Year's baskets has increased by 20-30% and currently costs about GEL 250, although we also have a small basket, the price of which ranges from GEL 60 to GEL 90. There are cases when there is a large number of orders, and at that time we try to give a preferential price," Guri Salukvadze says.

As for the best-selling products, he says that the demand for Churchkhela has increased significantly.

"Demand for Churchkhela is growing more and more, previously only tourists were interested, now Georgian customers are also actively buying our products. We have a lot of orders for the New Year, 10 people are involved in the preparation of the baskets, and we often have to stay up late at night," explains the founder of Chirckhela.

Chirckhela has been operating in the market since 2016 and owns two stores in Tbilisi. The company has production facilities in Kakheti and Guria and produces 25 types of dried fruits, 10 types ofdried fruit rolls and 8 types of Churchkhela.
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