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Our Sea Is Unsafe, There Is No Proper Infrastructure - Maricultura Georgia

Mamuka Mikashavidze, the founder of "Maricultura Georgia" declares, that aquaculture is developing quite hard in Georgia and the state must take clear steps. First of all, he mentions the issue of setting up the necessary infrastructure in order to avoid the lack of access to the breeding farms.

"The state has allocated areas for mariculture and aquaculture, but this sector is developing very hard, because there is no proper infrastructure. Although the areas have been allocated, there are no ports, where the ship will stop and the sailors will get at the breeding farms. The fish, of course, need food, these farms are located about two kilometers from the shore, therefore, it is necessary to arrange access infrastructure", says the founder of "Maricultura Georgia".

Mamuka Mikashavidze also points out that a private investor will not be able to arrange the infrastructure, because the state is not issuing a permit for it.

The second important challenge is the insecurity of the sea, in particular, the fact that there is no structure to control the incidents at sea, including stealing.

"Until these issues are resolved, this sector will not be able to develop, neither investors will come nor the number of farms will increase", - Mamuka Mikashavidze said.