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Pandemic isn't over yet - Gov't on Restrictions

28.01.21 15:30

Economy Minister Natia Turnava declares that shopping malls and retail facilities will open from February 1 with the announced restrictions on January 22. She declared that after meeting with representatives of shopping malls and retail companies.

According to the Minister, shopping malls remain closed on the weekends, but the dressing rooms will open and the rules for returning products will be eased.

"Business wants to reopen everything at once, but we are deprived of that opportunity. Careful steps guarantee that malls, shops, markets will not close again in a month. Retailers asked to restore operation as before the pandemic, but it is impossible as the pandemic is not over yet,” Georgian Economy Minister stated.

According to Turnava, the parties considered how shopping facilities will continue operation after February 1.

“Dressing rooms will open at the stores and rules for returning the product will be further eased. However, shopping malls will remain closed on the weekends and the make decision on easing after observing the so-called positive epidemic curve”, Natia Turnava said.

She noted that the opening of the trade industry was conditioned by 2 factors: one - the experience of safe operating of shopping malls in the pre-New Year period, and the second - caring for the needs of the population.
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