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PM Announced Plans To Build A New Airport Near The Vaziani Aerodrome


05.06.23 16:16 381 ნახვა

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has announced plans to build a new airport near the Vaziani Aerodrome. Speaking at a government session, Garibashvili described this decision as ambitious yet necessary.

PM says the existing airport’s development and expansion potential is limited. Therefore, a new airport has become a priority.

“The new airport should be of international standard, meeting modern passenger and transit logistics needs. We’ve also discussed building a cargo terminal and other relevant facilities. This project is ambitious but necessary for our country,” stated Garibashvili.

He noted that while the current airport meets current needs, long-term planning and growth require a newer, more ambitious project.

“Over the past few years, Georgia has experienced an annual increase of approximately 30% in passenger traffic, with direct flights connecting Georgian airports to 58 cities worldwide and regular air traffic to 31 countries,” the PM stated.

Garibashvili emphasized that a comprehensive study will be conducted, involving top aviation consulting firms from around the world.

“This detailed study will guide the final decision. The objective is to establish one of the finest airports in Tbilisi and the country,” he added.
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