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President Considers It Inappropriate To Present The Candidacies Of Teimuraz Khomeriki And Nana Keinishvili To Parliament

According to the President's Parliamentary Secretary Giorgi Mskhiladze, the President considers it inappropriate to present the candidacies of Teimuraz Khomeriki and Nana Keinishvili to the Parliament, until the order of acting President of the National Bank Natia Turnava is not cancelled.

According to him, Khomeriki and Keinishvili did not attend the meeting of the committee, which indicates their personal decision.

"It seems that the decree of September 19, 2023 was issued by the acting chairman of the National Bank and it was not agreed with the members of the National Bank. Under these conditions, the President considers it inappropriate to present new candidates to the Parliament until the mentioned issue is not clarified, the order of the acting president of the National Bank is not canceled and the situation around the National Bank is not regulated. The candidates were not represented at the committee meeting, this also indicates their personal decision. I will not go into the details of withdrawal mechanisms. As for violation of the Constitution, if anyone violates it, it is the majority that violates Article 68 of the Constitution, which directly says that the National Bank shall be independent in its activities and any form of interference in its activities shall not be allowed and is completely unacceptable," Mskhiladze said.