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President's Statements Regarding The NBG Is Direct Pressure On The Head Of An Independent Structure - Tbilisi Mayor

Georgian Dream Secretary General Kakha Kaladze declares, that "there is direct pressure on the acting President of the National Bank, Natia Turnava".

According to Kaladze, the statements made by the President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili regarding the National Bank, are "very serious and bad".

"This is direct pressure on the head of an independent structure, Natia Turnava. The person, who should be the first to protect the constitution of the country, is doing everything to insult our statehood, constitution, does not respect laws. Of course, there are many questions about this person and the statements that we heard are very serious and bad," Kaladze said.

According to him, the citizens of Georgia can clearly see "how the president of the country acts in relation to the constitution or even an independent agency".

"You can call it what you want, but everything is clear, the population of our country actually sees how the President of the country acts in relation to the constitution, how she acts even in relation to an independent agency. This is a sad reality, although everything will be regulated and everything will be as our country needs it," said Kaladze.

Also, Kakha Kaladze responded to the information spread in the media, according to which the former Prosecutor General of Georgia, Otar Partskhaladze, transferred property to his son.

Regarding this, Kaladze says that despite the sanctions imposed by the USA, the person is probably not restricted from transferring his property.

"First of all, explanations were made by the National Bank regarding the mentioned decision and everything is clear that we must first of all respect our constitution, statehood, laws and people living in this country. As for the transfer of property by Partskhaladze, I am not a lawyer, it may be difficult for me to go into these details, however, as far as I know and I will not discuss it, he has the right to do so and the mentioned sanctions do not limit this.

Partskhaladze is not a citizen of Georgia, therefore, sanctions will be applied and the Georgian authorities will act in the same way as in the case of a citizen of another foreign country. As for the investigation, relevant agencies will make statements about it, in particular, those who know the case better than me, have more information. I am a politician and the mayor of the capital, and I obviously do not have information on these details," said Kaladze.